Nature’s challenges teach us that we are capable of far more than we realize. Its beauty imparts the wisdom that life is more fun with a little mystery 🙂

C.Purine grew up surrounded by trees, veggie gardens, and bird song. Inspired by pristine forests and the thrill of discovery therein, the story, ‘Avatars of Gaia, Secrets Beyond Earth‘, has been told. The author hopes that via her book readers will realize that there is more to the material world than what meets the eye. Concepts of duty, courage, critical thinking, and teamwork are relied upon as the tale plants the seed to preserve our environment. Avatars of Gaia, Escape From Hazard Hollow is the prequel to Avatars of Gaia, Secrets Beyond Earth’.

Her self-illustrated picture books: Munchimonster Garden Library, Munchimonster Zero-Waste Eco Fun, and Munchimonster Sport Park, promote playing outdoors, environmental stewardship and nutrition. Munchi-Manual How to Become a Munchimonster‘, includes interactive ‘munchi-math’ and food content info. A child’s education and health begin in nature.


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