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The beating heart of the Earth, superpowers, portals, tidal waves, ice kingdoms, hidden caverns, ancient clans, futuristic tech, mythical gems, plants that communicate, lab-made mutants, and part-human species – some very unfriendly. Can an average teen become a superhero in Gaia, the dimension of the living Earth?

Empowered by their new superpowers the Avatars of Gaia set out to conquer an evil king who wants to destroy Gaia, the spiritual realm of Earth’s beating heart. With help from Samoa, Gaia’s legendary guardian, Daisy and her summer campers embark on a mission to rescue Gaia’s princess, protect the ‘plantizens’ and animals in Gaia, and its pristine ecosystems that are under attack by the king’s destruction of pure water, seeds, trees, and sunshine that are required for life to thrive. An incredible adventure is about to begin!

As the Avatars explore new worlds they realize that there has been a dimension breach. The Avatars must act quickly before Gaia is irreversibly harmed, an imbalance that could shake Earth’s planetary core. The destiny of Earth and Gaia is intertwined.

The fate of all life forms in Gaia and on Earth depends on an average girl who calls upon her inner courage and perseverance to become a heroine. That leader is Ranger Daisy Heart!

Besides battling bizarre creatures and protecting a rare gem, Daisy must also solve the code of the curious Prism that holds the secret to the mysteries of the universe. Such knowledge is forbidden to humans! But will a part-human Gaian help her decipher it? He is lonely, believes Daisy is honorable, and that as friends they could better their worlds by strengthening the human spirit.

PARENTS & TEACHERS This upbeat fantasy-adventure novel inspires middle grade readers to explore nature and science. Students will have questions re: botany, energy, marine life, navigation, history, and dimension travel!

BOOK THEMES courage, honor, nature, critical thinking, and leadership!

MISSION SUMMARY Daisy thought it was going to be a great summer camp with s’mores and scavenger hunts. But secret forces in the dimension of the living Earth had other plans for Daisy and her friends. She knew the legend of Gaia was real. If they found Prism Bridge and its code a portal to the living Earth, Gaia, would open. The Avatars of Gaia would be its first explorers. But an enemy king in a faraway castle plots to steal the ancient land, destroy nature’s beauty, and take the powers from Gaia’s missing Princess. In Gaia, plants and animals communicate with humans and not all are friendly. Our heroes must awaken their superpower to survive the journey into worlds no human has seen…or have they?

DAISY must restore harmony, save nature, and discover secrets beyond earth!



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